Bhuleshwar Temple Photo Feature

Bhuleshwar temple, located around 50 km from Pune is one of the finest examples of temple murals in Maharashtra. It’s said to have been constructed in the 13th century, and in the 17th century the area surrounding the temple was fortified, and a fort – Daulatmangal built in the area. The extension happened in the Adilshahi reign and that could explain the Islamic influence on the domes and spirals of the temple. The ramparts of the fort and a few bastions are intact as of today.

The inside walls of the temple are covered with various carvings. Right from the customary vyals, kirtimukhs and dwarpals to scenes from Hindu mythology the panels  here are exquisite. Of all the panels,  there are several panels that show various forms of Shiva flanked by other deities in their Shakti form. One such panel shows Ganesha in a female form, indicating he is a Shakti of Lord Shiva. Bhuleshwar makes for a nice half-day outing from Pune