Neelkantheshwar Photo Feature

Neelkantheshwar is a Shiva temple around 50km from Pune. Although the stone temple has been in existence for hundreds of years, this place is better known for the scores of human size figures depicting scenes from Hindu mythology. One can also see the Samudra Manthan or Churning of the Ocean. It was during this churning that a poison named ‘Halahal’ came out, Lord Shiva drank the poison and that is what is said to have given him his blue throat, and thus the name Neelkanth (neel = blue; kanth = throat). 

The best time to visit Neelkantheshwar is during the monsoons, so that you can also enjoy the lush greens and the breathtaking beauty of the Panshet region. It also makes the rather steep climb from the Panshet side easier. One of the sculpture shows Shiva in the natraj pose, which is one of the best sculptures up there. Some other scenes include the Dashavtars, Satyavan Savitri (?) and a few more from Mahabharat.