Udaipur in colour

Udaipur is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in India. The city Palace overlooking the Grand lake Pichola is a treasure trove of medieval folklore and artefacts. The lake also houses 2 more palace-cum-hotels which make for a nice view from the shore. The entire cityscape of Udiapur is littered with restaurants offering a ‘Rooftop View’ of the lake and Palace. At night the entire city erupts in a yellowish hue and the lake palaces start looking their festive best.

The City Palace houses hundreds of exhibits in various rooms. Notably, the weapon and the picture/painting museums are worth visiting. The several courtyards contained within the Palace are decorated with bright colours. One of the courtyards houses murals of peacocks, the photos of which are the faces of several Rajasthan related brochures. The rest of the city is a stark contrast with buildings and hotels cramped together. An interesting feature of all the restaurants are the endless re-runs of the Bond classic – Octupussy. Udaipur and its Lake were a major shooting location for the flick, so ever since the release almost 25 years back, the film is religiously screened by almost all restaurant owners every evening!

The Jagdish temple dedicated to Vishnu is another place worth visiting. The entire outer walls of the temple are decorated with ornately carved figures. A small shrine housing Garuda (Vishnu’s vehicle) is seen facing the temple, much like a Nandi shrine in Shiva temples. The temple was built in the 17th century by Maharana Jagat Singh.

Here are some photos from this beautiful city, I hope you’ll enjoy them. Dont forget to leave your comments.